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Pärnu maantee 139c, Tallinn, Estonia
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Sporty and positive attitude to life, and this caused a great feeling part lead a full and healthy life.

It was such a dream to implement and desiring to offer only the best, we have created the largest and best equipped in the gym. Many believe that the ideal ENVIRONMENTAL who trains in which to spend time actively moving and to meet all of your athletic dreams.

1200 square meters spacious and bright gym furnishing is based on the idea that the club could train both beginners and advanced athletes, regardless of age and gender.

When the club opened in 2008, combines the three specialists in their field – Ott Kiivikas, Marek Morozov and Argo Ader- its more than 15 years of experience and selected the appropriate equipment, the best way to be able to satisfy all the needs of practitioners, then today we hear taken in other areas of the tops of the wishes and advice. Discus throw Olympic champion Gerd Kanter saw one of its unique contest traveling venitustrenažööri and prayed that the Spartans would obtain a new – today he is the delight of all who trains us to exist.

Our gym can be found in more World Cup silver medal in men, weightlifter Mart Manger cues introduced by the back bench and powerlifting rekorditekahuri Margus Silbaumi kükipuuri recommended. Not to mention the excellence of the barbell, which is used in addition to other tipptõstjad Saeima.

Gym area is divided into five:

  • Private kardioala with venituspaigaga located on the second floor and the first floor overlooks this free weights and exercise equipment area.
  • Free weights and exercise equipment area, where there are all necessary for your body mitmelülgseks training.
  • 5 specifically separate the floor lifting heavy athletics enthusiasts.
  • Power Plate area
  • I train CrossCore gala

Sparta gym provide instructions and supervise the handling of equipment are recognized specialists in their field Argo Ader, Marek Morozov and Oleg Anisimov. In addition to these leading personal training through experienced instructors also Janika Koch-Mae, Maris Kajari and Indrek Verro. Powerlifters instructs the largest Estonian Margus rekorditepurustaja Silbaum.

For any questions or problems arise, it is always wise to ask for advice from our coaches – they’re happy to help.

Read more about coaches:

Sparta gym is the place chosen for general physical exercise, several top athletes. Our lifting the floor of his father Alar Seim sets new records under the guidance of Estonia’s strongest man, World Championship silver medalist Mart Sejm. Seimide of the best around, in addition to Estonia also concentrated in Finland koondislased Milko Hanninen and Anna Everi – the best training conditions after they have moved to this side of the Gulf of Finland, figuratively speaking, to Sparta.

Our encounters in the gym often kettaheitetitaane Gerd Kanter and Märt Israel, runners-kaugushüppajat Ksenja Baltat and putter Raigo Toompuud. Also, Estonian record holder of the hammer throwing Ann-Maria Organ, Martti Aljandit swimmers, triathletes Kirill Kontšagarovit Marko Albert, sailor Anna Pohlakut, vehklemiskoondise hardware Erika Kirput, top ski Kein Einaste, running Fostit Roman letters and sõudemeistrit Allar Rajat. Construction Zone ace of hearts to keep working on his physical fitness Sparta krossigladiaatorid Priit Tailor, Indrek Mountain , Juss Laansoo and auto athlete Martin Rump.

Sparta gym offered using several ball game teams – in addition to Estonian male and female volleyball squad in football FC Flora Tallinn Selver’s volleyball and basketball teams in 1182 in Tallinn.

All they praise one voice Sparta gym space and a varied selection of exercise equipment. Sparta gym is also found in our music world raskekahurväelased Tanel Padar, Ott Lepland Uku Summertime, liis lemsalu, Cool, and D of the old master Erich Krieger.

To make training more efficient and eesmärgipärasemateks, we provide those interested with a personal trainer for help. Personal training  is the coach by the time you devoted.

In addition to personalized workout plan von able to let yourself be drawn up in the individual diet.

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