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The beginning of bodybuilding in Bialystok dates back to 1962, when in one of  the basements a small group of vigorous people started trainings. In 1972 the first official bodybuilding team came into being. It happened in the presence of TKKF Group “Zachęta”. The pioneers were Arkadiusz Leszczyński, Janusz Kochan, Janusz Kurczewski, Alojzy Krysiewicz and Sylwester Załęski.

The inaugural trainings started in Primary School no. 13 on Fabryczna Street. Then they moved to the basement on Wolodyjowskiego Street, which they renovated at their own expense. The bodybuilding started to be more popular. In 1973, it was promoted as “Sport, music, fashion”. The TKKF Group “Zachęta” was growing bigger. In the beginning, it was 30 members, later 50, 70… and when the residence of the organization moved in 1980 to the basement on Konopnicka Street, the number of members grew up to over a hundred.


A person who looked after everything was Arkadiusz Leszczynski. He also was a trainer and animator. Thanks to his help and committment a lot of famous persons like Mirosław Waczyński, Ewa Bondar, Anna Klimuk, Iwona Anisimowicz, Wojtek Wasilewski, Darek Achramowicz, Artur Sidoruk won gold medals in Polish Championships. Arkadiusz Leszczynski supplied the most modern equipment, essential nutrients and professional care like in a family. He was recognized both in the country and in the world. He also belongs to Polish Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (PZKFiTS), where he is the vice-president of fitness and an international judge. In his collection, we can find the gold medal of PZKFiTS, the gold medal of European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (EBFF), and also silver and gold medals of International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). All the time, Arkadiusz Leszczynski was looking for new possibilities of progress and healthy lifestyle. In 1987, he organized the first Polish Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships.

When Arkadiusz Leszczynski came back from the United States of America he decided to create his own fitness centre, and he did it. On 1st March 1991 he opened the private Centre of Sport and Recreation called “MANIAC GYM” on Warszawska 79A Street in Bialystok. This place was rented from the local community centre. Arkadiusz Leszczynski took the example from the USA and equipped the gym in modern strength and cardio machines.

In 1996, “Maniac Gym” and “Sielanka” Club from Elblag took part in the competitive bidding for organizing the Polish Championships. The winner was “Maniac Gym”. Those Championships were organized very professionally and precisely. After that, Bialystok started to be the capital of bodybuilding.

In 1998 “Maniac Gym” arranged the next competition with a new discipline- fitness. It was 3rd championships organized by them. In the Polish Women’s and Couple’s Fitness Championships “Maniac Gym” took the 3rd place as a team. If we summarize all the sporting achievements for the years 1994-1998, “Maniac Gym” took 2nd place in the general classification. Also, “Maniac Gym” was the organizer and host of the grouping Staff of Bodybuilding in 1993,1996 and 1998. In 2000, Bialystok again was the organizer of the Polish Women’s & Couple’s in Bodybuilding and the Women’s & Men’s Fitness Championships as well as the Polish Men’s Bodybuilding Championships.  In both competitions, “Maniac Gym” took the second place as a team twice.

In 2002, during the same competition “Maniac” team took the 1st place.

This opportunity of organizing double Championships in 2002 was an acknowledgement from PZKFiTS. For 10 years, the fitness club has been representing themselves from the best side both as competitors and as the organizer of fitness and bodybuilding championships. Maniac Gym took the 2nd place in general classification for activity in the years 1998-2002. In the same year the competitor of Maniac team – Joanna Zapolska won the bronze medal in the European Championships and silver in the World Championships.

In 2003, “Maniac Gym” again was the organizer of the Women’s Fitness Championships and for the first time the Men’s Fitness Championships. As a team, they were 1st.

The next important enterprise of “Maniac Gym” was the European Junior’s and Master’s Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in June 2005 inBialystok. The competition was very successful for the polish team, especially for “Maniac Gym” competitors. The gold medal went to Wojciech Wasilewski, the bronze to Magdalena Krasuka and 4th place belonged to Anna Kwaśniewska.

Year 2006 brought further successes: 1st place in team classification during the Polish Championships for “Maniac Gym” and the European Champion in Fitness title for Tomasz Pietras. Tomasz repeated his success in 2007 and 2008. In 2009, he became the European Vice-Champion in Bodybuilding.

“Maniac Gym” is the only club which organized Polish Championships 10 times,  European and World Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships. Arkadiusz Leszczynski received a privilege to organize World Junior’s and Master’s Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships in Bialystok on 13-15 November 2009.

A “Godfather” of success many competitors in bodybuilding & fitness from Białystok. For many years sits at the head of the Polish Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness and Powerlifting (PZKFiTS), currently being the Vice President of Fitness, also possess an international judge class, PZKFiTS gold medalist, gold medal European Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (EBFF) and a silver and a gold medal granted by the World Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB). In 2009, during the World Championship he was awarded one of the highest awards from IFBB – Diamond Service Award and diploma. Owners Hubert and Bartosz Leszczynski also received diploma from IFBB. One of the highest awards also received manager doctor Joanna Zapolska – IFBB Achviement Medal and Athletic Achviement IFBB Award for outstanding achievements in sports. Arkadiusz Leszczynski in 2010 during congress of celebration of the twentieth anniversary of PZKFiTS received a Diamond Badge for lifetime achievements in PZKFiTS.
In 2009, Maniac Gym organized the World Championships in Bodybuilding and Fitness for Junior, Veterans and Disabled in the Bodybuilding. The event gather the largest number in participating countries in the history of Championship (45 countries from 5 continents) and competitors and activists (over 500 people). For the first In Bialystok time took place competition in the disabled category in bodybuilding. Polish national team in the classification took I place.

Maniac Gym has taken a next challenge – to organize the World Championships for Men and Women in Senior Fitness. The event will be held in autumn 2012 in Bialystok.
In 2002, a one-man firm became the family company: Arkadiusz, the father and his sons- Bartosz and Hubert Leszczynscy. After that the company’s name changed to “Maniac Gym” A.B.H.Leszczynscy. Since the autumn of 2003, “Maniac Gym” has been the only fitness club with swimming pool and such a big training base in Bialystok. The “Maniac Gym” club was the first in Poland to introduce a new discipline – Tae Bo.

In the beginning,  the fitness area of the club was 120m2. Now, it is 1800m2. The new club was enlarged by further strength training rooms with 80 places to exercise, a new cardio room with 50 modern equipment, aerobics room with amortized floor, swimming pool with attractions, Jacuzzi, saunas, squash court, tinning room, massage chairs, small kindergarten, dietetic bar and sport shop.

In 2005, Maniac Gym was the first fitness club in Poland to implement controlled and programmed trainings based on endurance researches, isometric and dynamic strength and body composition analyzing of their customers. In the club you can find physiotherapy and activity rehabilitation led by professional physiotherapists.

“Maniac Gym” started his business activity in 1991. They were first to introduce  branded products on the polish market, such as leather gloves and imported fitness equipment from

Taiwan, USA, China, Italy, Korea and sports wear from Brazil and Argentina.

“Maniac Gym” has taken part in social and health activities for many years, for example in “We lose weight”, organized by local press “Kurier Poranny”, “Pink ribbon” organized by a high school in Bialystok, “Mother, be healthy” and “I walk, I run, therefore I am” organized by the Centre of Oncology in Bialystok.
Since 2009 in Maniac Gym are held classes for students in Dietetics specialization on Public Health Faculty from Medical University in Bialystok. For the latest research-training based classes take place under the direction of Dr. Joan Zapolska inter alia, Physiological Effort and Nutrition in Sport Nutrition and Nutritional Education. For many years in Maniac Gym many students educate from Teachers Revalidation College, Rehabilitation and Physical Education, and students from across the Poland, participating in training courses for Instructor of Recreation Movement specializing in Fitness- Strengthening exercises and Fitness-aerobics.
Other imported goods are training equipment from Taiwan, the United States of America, China, sportswear from Brazil and Argentina and medical devices from Korea and Italy. Maniac is the exclusive distributor of medical devices from Korea Biospace, Cosmed from Italy and distributor of American Hoist Company – manufacturer of cutting-edge training equipment in the world as well as aerobic and strength equipment from WNQ company.
Currently complex Maniac Gym is equipped with modern facilities, including recreation, coup and rehabilitation that can impress even the most demanding customers. Modern research equipment along with well-trained staff increases the level of quality and professionalism at the highest world level. It is noteworthy that there is no fitness club in Poland that has such great achievements in high-performance coup, organizational and researches that has Maniac Gym. The club shift towards a pro-health supply of services related with the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Medical University in Bialystok. Joint initiatives are being taken in the field of scientific research projects of research and development of educational programs based on a technical basis from Maniac Gym. One objective is to raise awareness of the problems disease and promoting healthy living for the whole region Podlasia and Poland.
Nowadays, research projects has been implemented together with the Cardiac Surgery Clinic in the Medical University in Bialystok, including studies of the influence of fitness on physical activity in secondary prevention in patients with coronary heart disease in post-operative angioplasty, coronary bypass graft and bypass in obese and overweight patients. In the Invasive Cardiology Clinic they are executing the project ‘fitness as a form of physical activity in secondary prevention in patients with stable coronary artery disease associated with overweight and obesity’. For many years, “Maniac Gym” has been working with the Pediatric and Children & Youth Growth Disorders Clinic in the Children’s Hospital and Oncology Centre in Bialystok.
Since 2009 in Maniac Gym are held classes for students in Dietetics specialization on Public Health Faculty from Medical University in Bialystok. For the latest research-training based classes take place under the direction of Dr. Joan Zapolska inter alia, Physiological Effort and Nutrition in Sport Nutrition and Nutritional Education. For many years in Maniac Gym many students educate from Teachers Revalidation College, Rehabilitation and Physical Education, and students from across the Poland, participating in training courses for Instructor of Recreation Movement specializing in Fitness- Strengthening exercises and Fitness-aerobics.
The expansion of today’s fitness club into a research centre will provide the opportunity for a comprehensive medical surveillance training in civilization diseases. On the basis of ongoing research project, new products will be implemented such as secondary prevention in cardiac rehabilitation, support treatment in overweight and obesity, cardiologist, nutritionist and psychologists consultation and personal cardiology training and slimming program. The First Contact Cabinet will be extended by diagnostic equipment – defibrillators, multifunctional diagnostic and endurance device, stress ECG, stress test, a comprehensive monitoring device for physical activity, heart rate monitors, DVR, professional medical treadmill, and the newest strength and cardio training equipment.
Expansion of existing research center in Maniac Gym would be an opportunity of a comprehensive surveillance of medical-training in diseases of our civilization. On the basis of ongoing research projects there have been introduced services in the field of secondary prevention of cardiac rehabilitation and help in treating overweight & obesity and the customers have the opportunity of consulting doctors – cardiologist, nutritionist and psychologist. There have been also introduced individually cardiovascular, efficiency and slimming workout programs. Cabinet of the first contact was extended to diagnostic equipment – defibrillator, multifunctional diagnostics device for cardiopulmonary exercise tests, calorimeter & efficiency, stress ECG, Stress Test, a comprehensive monitoring devices for physical activity, heart rate monitor recorder, specialist medical treadmill, and the latest equipment for strength training and cardio.>

Maniac Gym is also:
· 8 times champion in polish national team in Bodybuilding & Fitness

· General classification in years 1994-1998 – II place

· General classification in years 1998-2002 – II place

· General Classification in years 2002-2006 – I place

Male and female athletes led by Arkadiusz Leszczynski gained medals on:

· Polish Championship (40 gold, 22 silver, 22 brown)

· Europe Championship (3 gold, 3 silver, 2 brown)

· World Championship (3 gold, 2 silver, 2 brown)

Maniac Gym took another great project to organize the World Women’s Bodybuilding and Fitness & Men’s Fitness Championships, that will take place on the 5th-7th october 2012 in Bialymstok. Assigning the organization of the next World Championships is an award for the exemplary organizations of the previous World Championships, for which the IFBB Federation President awarded the organizer with a congratulatory letter for the best organization of this type of World Championships.

Maniac Gym is a club setting modern trends in the developement of fitness clubs and focuses on health-related fitness services. This is the only fitness club in Europe, which organizes by itself events the rank of European and World Championships. Unique across Europe is to conduct such extensive operations as: the organization of many Polish, World and European Championships, pro athletic section , recreation, health, research, support for the treatment of overweight, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, trade, training of trainers and instructors, promoting healthy lifestyles in the media.

Is there any better fitness club in Poland and Europe?

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