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Savanorių pr. 111, Kaunas, Lithuania
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Welcome to „Fankas“ gym world! Many Lithuanian people have found that after training in any gym in Kaunas or anywhere else, they feel better, look better, they gain more power, sleep improves, reduces the number of diseases, and in general the whole world looks better. And it’s absolutely true …after training, person gains more self-confidence, becomes healthier and stronger … And after all – he gains patience, which is so necessary in our lives … Especially now … And especially in these times!

Gym „FANKAS” has been around for over 20 years! This Kaunas gym is founded by a multiple Lithuanian sport aerobics champion – Andžej Michmel. The beginning was really difficult, but memorable and amazing! „FANKAS“is famous for its great atmosphere and friendly environment. People who come to this Kaunas gym most often are good, friendly and helpful – it’s business people, students, school children, self-employees and others. Therefore, „FANKAS“ atmosphere is always full of energy, joy, laughter and professionalism. Even a few leading aerobics instructors began their caree here – in Kaunas gym “FANKAS.

Each new member feels here comfortabily because of infdividual attention he gets from our staff. Every person is advised to start, what to do and how to train according to each purpose: whether to reduce body fat or increase muscle tone or improve health condition. And it must be done gradually, as right training movements at the beginning will last for a lifetime. It is worth learning from the beginning of regular movements and skills. In addition, it can prevent injuries and pain, which most often arises from excessive exertion or irregular movements.

The total gym area – 720 square meters. Here you will find a spacious, modern, air conditioned gym, the most recent SportsArt cardio equipment, newly equipped aerobics room, a Turkish steam bath and sauna. Spacious showers and brand new lockers are here for your pleasant beeing in our gym. To park your car next to our gym will not be difficult as there are spacious parking lots around the whole building.


Nevertheless, we provide wide range of group fitness classes. Also we are very flexible in price range – variuos membership prices (morning membership, student membership, family membership etc.).

We hope you found our „Fankas“ gym attractive for your daily sports routine. So, if you have any questions, please contact us! Just come to „Fankas“ and you won‘t regret – thats our promise. 🙂

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