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CrossFit teeningud – How do we work?

  • Trainings will be held 5-10 membered classes, and one session lasts 45-60 minutes.
  • Classes are divided into beginners and advanced classes.

CrossFitCrossFit workouts, we recommend joining the first attempts to visit the specially created started with a beginner’s classes.

The aim is to introduce the novice class who subscribed to the basic CrossFit exercises. We consider it important workouts and exercises performed by the quality, efficiency and safety. Teach you personally to clarify the exercises execution technique, we monitor the exercise by repeating the technique does not collapse, and then add the performance abilities of the participants according to the intensity. In a beginner class taught you to three or four different basic exercises and classes will take place at the end of training exercises specifically for beginners applied to the block (WOD) basis.

Advanced Class is a central part of daily changing exercises block (WOD)

Training for all classes will begin heating. Heating Exercises are divided üldkehalisteks and specific, which have been applied given the forthcoming period WOD d. Class trainer explains the purpose and content of those present WOD and introduce more workable exercises. Each class workout trainer is constantly involved in the 1-2, we make each participant a personal assistance.

After the warm-up begins with the WOD. In addition to changing exercises every day becomes even performing exercises to block the goal.

WOD-s ability to carry out the purpose of

  • Raise as great difficulty =  max power (For Load)
  • Perform a specified number of repetitions of the exercises as soon as possible = Time  (For Time)
  • Perform a specified period of time as many repetitions =  repetitions  (AMRAP)
  • Perform the exercise as perfectly = Quality   (For Quality)

In addition to the different objectives of the exercise is different from the block at the prescribed time. Normally, it takes 2-15 minutes to pass the WOD, but occasionally there are also teeninguid that last 45 minutes or longer.

WOD into the selected sport exercises three separate categories:

  •  Calisthenics , performed only with body weight. (For example: squats, Pull-up, push-ups, the exercises on the rings, rope climbing, site-specific increases, the arms statuses, jumping, etc.). Gymnastic aims in particular to develop body control by improving neurological components such as coordination, balance, mobility, accuracy of the movements. However, the functional capacity and to improve upper body strength of the hull.
  • Endurance such as running, cycling, rowing, rope jumping exercises. With the aim to improve the trainee’s cardiovascular and respiratory system, and overall endurance performance
  •  Tõstmisharjutused , carried out using a stiff, medicine balls, and other kettlebell. (For example: deadlifts, pushing, grabbing, deriving of the breast, Presses, etc.). The aim of developing Train strength, power, speed, and hip / leg area capability.

Selected categories and those belonging to the exercises are to be selected with a view to effective and widely affect the human body.

After WOD-s ability to use the remaining time stretching, relaxation test, if desired, some of the technical aspects of CrossFit’s or other related topics for discussion.


Unlike ordinary gym no wrong, our “menu” every day a new training block different and perhaps new exercises and different goals. We do not have any similar day! As a CrossFit workout program, which aims to prepare participants for the most varied tasks will be to combine its variations WOD exercises and goals for both beginners and advanced groups. Always.

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